IDSnap is a simple low-cost ID card printing service from ID Solutions

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  • Free software
  • Easy to use, create photo ID cards yourself
  • Low cost printing on plastic ID cards
  • Automatically keeps a record of the cards you've printed
  • Used by: Small businesses, Schools, Distributed civil emergency services, Government departments


To download and install:

1. Click the Download IDSnap button above

2. When prompted choose save and select a download location, eg. Desktop

3. When the downloading process has finished, view your Desktop and double click on the IDSnapCardMaker-203.exe file to start the install process.

4. Follow the prompts, enter the registration number when prompted.

5. After the install has finished IDSnap is ready to be used. IDSnap can always be found in the Start menu.

Common problems, and solutions!

Why am I being asked for a registration number?

The registration number is a unique number used for sending the cards for printing and for downloading the card template.

What is the demo registration number?


I cannot download my card template or send ID cards:

This is often happens in a corporate environment when there is a firewall or proxy in place.

If your computer is using a firewall:
  1. Contact your system administrator and ask them to allow IDSnap to communicate via the internet to (http).
If your computer is using a proxy:
  1. Contact your system administrator and obtain the firewall address, port number, ID and password. (Don't be surprised if your administrator does not want to give out this sensitive information, they will most likely want to configure IDSnap for you.)
  2. Start IDSnap (Go to your Start menu, click Programs, click IDSnap, click IDSnap.
  3. Click the Setup menu, then click Proxy.
  4. Click the Enable option, then enter the Address, Port, ID and Password that your system administrator provided.
  5. Click OK, you should now be able to download your card templates and send ID cards.


IDSnap uses a card template to define the design and information that will appear on your ID cards, a basic design process is provided as part of our service.

Once created, the ID cards are sent via the Internet to ID Solutions for printing onto high quality PVC cards, then delivered to you.

IDSnap is suitable for organizations who don't want the maintenance hassles and costs associated with owning a card printer.

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the IDSnap software cost?
The software is free to download and use.

Is there a setup fee?
There is a setup fee that covers our time inputing your design into the printing system and offering you some design options. We can also provide a specialized design service at an additional fee.

How much does each card cost to print?
Printing costs vary depending on quantities, discounts for educational institutions apply. Call us on 0800 443 227 for more information.

Can I print a card preview on my own printer?
The software offers a preview on screen, the cards must be sent to ID Solutions for printing.

How long do you keep a record of the ID cards I've printed?
A record is stored by the IDSnap software on your computer, how long you keep that record is up to you. We usually keep a card record 6 - 12 months after the last print.

For Vendors

IDSnap is available for security companies and other vendors who wish to run their own printing service using IDSnap, for more information please contact us.

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